Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Monday, November 10, 2008

Busy weekend.

I drove out to Grand Rapids, no, Rockford Friday afternoon to meet up with Mr. Thomas Young at his house in the lovely and severely dreary Michigan countryside. We chit-chatted for a short while until Erik, Ryan, and Chris showed up at the Young residence. From there, we all traveled to W3 where we met up with the devilishly handsome Rich Whinnie and the timeless classy look of Levi Ryerson. We then shot over to Modern Skate and Surf where we proceeded to put together fantasy Burton set-ups and try on rollerblades. Next was food at Panera. Food was eaten, Macs were Mac'd, glares were exchanged. We all left the warm and fuzzy atmosphere of Panera Bread and headed out into the cold to go back to W3 and get Levi. When we arrived back at W3, he was gone. Weird. On to Pando. Everyone met up at Pando to decide where to go get ice rink shavings better known as snow. After several hours of driving and shoveling and listening to 50-cent, the night was complete. Rich, Erik, Tommy, Chris and myself had one more stop to make: Taco Bell.

20 dollars later between Chris and I, we were fat and happy. Back at Tommy's house, we watched These Days and called it a night.

The next day we were up rather early, somewhere around 930, but i don't exactly remember. Mrs. Young had went out earlier that morning to get us donuts which everyone enjoyed immensely. Thanks Mrs. Young. ; ) My memories of that morning are sort of blurry, but I think a bunch of us went and got coffee and talked to this dude that got tasered and spent 300 days in jail for exercising his "right to bare arms", which meant being bored and walking around outside with a hatchet and a tomahawk raised above his head. Odd.

We all went back to Pando and proceeded to set up for the days events. Jump building, rail guinea-pigging, Arby's eating, SNOWING!! People eager for pre-season shred started showing up around 330 which meant standing around in sleet for a period of time while final touches were made to the perfect No Correct Way box, the Handrail, and the Drainage Tube. With me being as into documenting as I am, I somehow forgot to take pictures of the features; probably got caught up in all the action and weird white stuff falling from the sky. Everyone rode for a while and got soaked to the bone. The last ones riding were Tommy, Chris, and Erik. It was beyond enjoyable to watch them hit the rail, land, slip out and slide down the muddy and snowy mix of a hill, all while they are laughing their heads off. Product was tossed and plans for the upcoming night were made. Everyone went their own way to get dry and change clothes. After a couple phone calls, it was decided to go meet up at Levi's house to hang out until 930ish which was when everyone that was 18 and over could go to the art battle in downtown Grand Rapids to support the lovely Pat Greenan and Hippie Ben while they created beautiful artwork. Once again, I forgot to bring my camera so I don't really have a good photo of the piece they made. There was this super annoying bitch there that thought she was artsy and could sing, boy was she mistaken. I heard she was a skier, it makes sense now. After dropping off our vote cards voting for section 01, we went back over to Levi's. Hung out for a while there and watched Chris pop his bottle of Cristal which was highly entertaining.

Heather also straightened Tommys and Ryans hair. That was silly. Tommy, Brandon, Liz, Marie and I called it a night early, around 2, although I could be mistaken. SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP.

Sunday morning, or afternoon rather, was Marinades for Tommy, Brandon and I, as well as finding new spots for the upcoming season. We got back to Tommys house after dark and departed for home from there. It snowed pretty much the whole drive home which was a pleasant surprise.

This weekend was beyond a huge success. Big XL thanks goes to Levi for coordinating the whole rail jam and letting us kick it at his house Saturday night. Congrats also to Ben and Pat for ALMOST getting third place. We love you anyways.

I am beyond numb right now. Something is missing.