Monday, June 9, 2008

So Tommy's grad party

was a huge success. .

A bunch of us ^ ^ met up in Brighton and headed for the West in search of an exciting adventure more valuable than gold. Upon arriving, everyone was greated with this face:

The rest of the day was filled with heated sessions on Tommy's mini ramp, playing frisbee (or soccer with a basketball) in his XL yard, or getting our corn-hole on all whislt eating yummy foods!
Random photos throughout the day.


Tommy came to Tommy's party.

Levi supplied the jams.
Brandon got deep.


It appeared that Mother Nature was on her period as our drive home was bloody and pissed off. JUST KIDDING! It was raining lots n lots n lots n lots though. I thought we might die, but we didn't. Pfewwwwwww.
These were taken at around midnight. I got my lightning photog on. w00t w00t!!1!

The next day was Erik's grad party. I experienced the best grad party food in my entire life. I also got sushi that night, so that was a plus. I'll let the photos explain.


more photos to come later on.

Good weekend I'd say. <3bye

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